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Any activity can be a meditation

Create or join communities to meet new people and take part in activities that help you live a more mindful life. Join group meditations, play basketball matches, discover new places to explore and so much more.
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Your profile will evolve into a space for you to track the communities you join, the events you take part in and the new friends you make!


Explore and discover communities that cover a whole range of interests. Learn, contribute, live in the moment.


Each community runs a regular event or activity that you can join. We believe any activity can be a meditation, from rock climbing to drawing or even making pizza!

Active communities for you

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Upcoming events to keep an eye on

Each community hosts a regular event that you can be a part of. The events you see on this feed are the ones that each community has opened to the public. We recommend you join communities to stay updated on exclusive events that only people within that community can join!

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Individually becoming mindful,

collectively making a difference


Mindful is more than a place where we meet people. It's a place of security and understanding. A place where it expects nothing but your realest self, and to be expressive of your true nature. It's a safe place to be yourself in a world that expects you to be someone else. It's a place of compassion and kindness; to bring ease and joy to an already hardened heart. It's a place where we understand that mistakes are not a fault, but a point of growth. A place that puts wellbeing above all else, and has happiness as the only platter in the menu. It's a place, where we can all be mindful, to collectively make a difference to the world we live in, the animals around us and to yourselves.


Mindful has allowed me to meet a lot of great individuals, most of whom are very close to me now! The experiences and memories I’ve shared with these people are priceless! And I will always be grateful for mindful for bringing us together. Mindful has also helped me connect with individuals with similar interests and hobbies to myself! A great group of people to play futsal with, have games nights with!


Even though I longed to go out and try new things, I never did. That was until I met Mindful. The entire Mindful Community has had a significant impact on my life. I have been able to travel with them and participate in so many of their events and have been able to mingle with the community so much that I have left my introversion behind, something that I have yearned for so long. I have met so many amazing people with similar mindsets and philosophies. Some of my closest friends were made through Mindful, and for that, I am forever grateful.


Being a person that found it hard to connect with people, Mindful has really helped me meet people who I became great friends with and helped me be confident in me again! The community and safety that revolves around the groups is like no other organisation I've been a part of.


Mindful made me realize that none of us are alone in our struggles. Every single stranger I met through the community has been absolutely wonderful and I’m glad to say I’ve made some very good friends along the way.

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Take a deep dive into mindful living and the philosophies around it

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